Thursday, January 14, 2016

January Update; New Year, New Stuff!

 Kicking off the new years Bloggage with some bits and pieces I've been working on.

Zombie- 2016 version
I poured some Molten chavant into the old Zombie animator mould from 2014, and then completely re sculpted the bust, re positioning the head, and fixing issues with proportion. pretty happy with the progress so far, I feel that I have learned loads in the past year

 Mini Alien face
Quick speed 'sketch' in clay of an alien, I'm gonna make a quick mould of this and make fridge magnets out of him!

 Alien Bust update
More progress being slowly made with the larger bust. made a mould of the headpiece and cast out a fiberglass version (in grey) and set that into the sculpture, then i roughly attached the nodes and began incorporating the whole thing together.


as winters are cold in the shed and I'm planning on a 3D printer in 2016, I started designing some armour for the bust in Zbrush, will post more on that in the coming weeks.


Thanks for reading!

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