Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Alien Character Bust- WIP update 02

another update of my new character bust that I am working on, here is the previous post.
I like the idea that this character is part of an advanced alien species that augments their brainpower with extra memory and processing power based on technology, so all the nodes protruding from his head are either memory or processing centers that can be removed, stored and replaced as needed. Ultimately i will be giving the bust a full costume, that is currently being designed in my own small human brain, with no technological enhancements.. more info on the nodes below, scroll down to see more!

Congrats on scrolling down! the nodes are simple cylinders of polyurethane resin that I turned by hand on a lathe (My new baby in the workshop). extra styrene and greeble details were added to the basic turned shapes and then I made silicone moulds (simple 1 part block moulds) so i could cast out multiples of each part. A few extra resin greeblies were cast out from old moulds of the Pit Bot and added for mor visual interest.

sooooo prettty

Bonus images:
Fashion catwalk- looking at different costume ideas for the final piece, i like the idea of a cloak or some fabric covering that's not covering his head fully.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

WIP sculpture

Life size, Chavant, more to come!