Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Sculpts

Hey all! heres some new sculpts ive been working on, just some creature sketches really, the first few are only around 4inches tall, nothing big. The alien actually has steel ball bearing eyes but somehow they look like they have pupils, it's pretty cool!

really rough attempt at another large sculpture, ended up being a half lifesize cyclops creature, I wasn't too happy with this and ended up scrapping it and starting on an attempt at a self portrait.

 An attempt at a self portrait from scratch, 1/2 scale, first time I've ever sculpted a person from scratch, my reference was a face cast of my own face and a mirror. I'm reasonably happy with it but there are many mistakes, I think I will do another one soon, full scale.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hawaii, September 2011

In september just gone i took a trip by myself to the island of Oahu in Hawaii, armed with an awesome camera kindly on loan from Phil McDarby i took lots and lots of photos, here are some of my favourites cleaned up etc, i hope to have more up shortly.

View from Waikiki Beach of Honolulu on my second day of my trip.
Swiss Pinzgauer truck that took us on an off-road tour of Kualoa's mountains
Doorways inside the USS Missouri
Dolphin in Sea Life park playing with a bouy.
Hanger 79 in the Pacific Avation Museum, Pearl Harbour
Glapagos Tortoise in the Honolulu Zoo tucking into some chow.
Sea Bird in the Sea Life park
Aft cannons of the USS Missouri

View from Makapu'u Point. Past the Beach is the Sea Life Park. I unintentionally went on a long trek from here to get back to the main road and a bus stop, bit of an adventure.
The Jurassic Park log in the Kualoa ranch, located in the Ka'a'awa Valley, its a bit rotted from being outside since filming in 1993. (this was definately the highlight of the trip- I'm such a geek!)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Alien Bust WIP

Alien creature I have been working on for a few days, regular plasticine (newplast) with glass eyes. still some texture work left to do, i hope to mould it and cast in resin. stay tuned!!