Monday, March 24, 2014

WIP creature bust

current Work in progress, sculpted over a half scale (or 3rd scale, I'm not sure) human skull (kindly donated by my buddy John Berry). I decided to do something a little stranger from what I normally do, so no Dinosaurs or robots, but instead a.. *insert goth growley voice*.. Demon! You can see some of the process i do, roughing the surface with various tools and rakes to eventually get a smooth surface. More to follow soon!


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

New Character Sculpt

yet another face I've been mucking around with lately, managed to get some glass eyes to add some life to it. also experimented with a new skin texture technique. I think he looks like he could be some sort of reptile, or he had some sort of Pox at some stage..Spent a good while on the eyes, looking at how real eyelids fold up into the brow and how that can be incorporated into a design. next one i hope to do a full head/shoulders.. stay tuned!