Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Final BBF Sculpting Class

attended the final sculpting class in work on tues night, i had an armature ready and just started sculpting, i then decided it to be a D9 prawn (Wikus to be exact, he's missing his thumb) its not fully accurate, its missing a limb joint and some proportions are off but i was working from pure memory and all in 90 mins :)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Creature Sculpt Update (again)

Update on my 'dino' sculpt, which has now become a large flightless bird. i am now working into the final details in plasticine after which i will mould it in alginate and cast in hard wax to do some ultra fine details, then mould in silicone and pop out resin casts. i've started again on the Rider, now back to a more humanoid figure, update on that soon :)

Brown Bag Sculpting Class Update

another quick sculpt from the sculpting class, w had an hour and a half to do a sculpt based on a piece of text, i saw the words 'mermaid on a amber throne' and went with that. we had to sculpt from scratch with no drawing or concept, just a straight sculpt. :)