Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Various updates, October Bank Holiday

Thought I'd share a selection of updates from various bits and pieces I have been working on in my studio over the long weekend... Read on!

Studio update:
Studio/workshop is pretty much completed now! woo hoo! its nice to look back and see what the garden  looked like before.

While working in the workshop recently I started using Polyester resin and fiber glass again, and the fumes from the buckets even when closed were so bad (i had extractor fans and windows open every evening) I took steps to ensure my lungs stayed healthy by getting a waterproof exterior storage chest, which I lined with insulation, now I can keep my buckets of resin and gelcoat safe and sound without being slowly poisoned .....

Halloween costume-abandoned:
Sadly I didn't make it into Brown Bag this year for the costume party, as it was at the end of my weeks holiday, I instead decided to relax and work on some other stuff, including gardening and DIY stuff in the house. I had made progress on a costume however, I was planning on going as the terrifying clown from American Horror Story Freakshow, click these words to see what he looked like in the show.
I sculpted his face mask on a cast of my own face, and moulded it out in silicone, and then cast it in resin. you can see the progress below. I'd like to finish this one for Dublin comic Con or next Halloween, apart from the human scalp hat, the rest of the costume is a job for the sewing machine.

Alien Bust update
I've been slowly making progress with this guy, trying to get his headpiece finished so that i can mould and cast it to add to the main sculpture. I've also been toying with the ideas of adding a spiny goatee to the character also, not sure if this will stay or not, just playing around with different ideas.

Facehugger Model kit
Getting back into some painting with this life size vinyl model kit I got on Ebay. Pretty neat kit, just needed some heat gun action to fix some warped sections, also some model putty filler to fill some large gaps.
you can see the painting process below, I like to do really contrasting shadows/veins as base layers and then do overall coats of a solid color to blend them together,with hints of the shadows and veins showing through. nearly finished this guy, will post more soon

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