Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Sculpts

Hey all! heres some new sculpts ive been working on, just some creature sketches really, the first few are only around 4inches tall, nothing big. The alien actually has steel ball bearing eyes but somehow they look like they have pupils, it's pretty cool!

really rough attempt at another large sculpture, ended up being a half lifesize cyclops creature, I wasn't too happy with this and ended up scrapping it and starting on an attempt at a self portrait.

 An attempt at a self portrait from scratch, 1/2 scale, first time I've ever sculpted a person from scratch, my reference was a face cast of my own face and a mirror. I'm reasonably happy with it but there are many mistakes, I think I will do another one soon, full scale.


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  1. sculpture is really good for the creative mind to grow!