Thursday, July 26, 2018

Mangalore Mask- The Fifth Element

I decided to make  mask of the Mangalores from The Fifth Element, a group of characters that I had always liked growing up, even though they were completely ridiculous.

I got myself some good screencaps from the blu ray and set about sculpting the mask in water based clay on top of a generic human form. I decided to sculpt a random Mangalore, instead of aiming for one specific one. Looking at the movie it seems that there were at least 4 headsculpts for the background characters, and then the lead character Aknot. I decided to go with a closed mouth pose for this first mask as it would be easier.

 Photos of the finished clay sculpt

 I didnt have time to fully document the moulding process, but here is a picture of the mould wall, half way through moulding

Raw latex cast straight from the mould on the left, and on the right is the same mask all trimmed and cleaned up.

after a few evenings of painting, here is the final mask, with the eyeholes now cut out

Now i need to sculpt some hands to go with the head!

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