Friday, April 11, 2014

WIP Killer Croc bust (FullSize)

Work in progress of my latest venture into clay sculpture, life size head and shoulders of Batman’s enemy, Killer Croc- albeit my own interpretation of the beast. So far it’s just the shape being roughed out, you can see the tool marks everywhere where I rake the shapes so that they blend together. Once the Shape is done then I will use finer rake tools to refine and smoothen out the surface, adding scale and skin details as I go. In the last image you can see my simple setup on my coffee table, with photo reference right at my fingertips. Not an ideal workstation, but it means I can watch stuff on Netflix while sculpting. More to come hopefully next week!
Sculpt details- so far 2kgs Chavant ‘Le Beau Touche’. Sculpted on top of a generic male mannequin head. Glass eyes.

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