Thursday, February 20, 2014

Character face sculpt-WIP

Taking a break from paper scribbles, Photoshop follies and Zbrush..things.. I started getting back into clay sculpting again, just a random character, made up as i went along. I like the idea of telling a story in his face, he's a pretty rugged brute, but there is a sense that he could be a good guy, perhaps an alien General of sorts. half his head is heavily damaged from some fight with something bigger than him long ago.. that or i wasn't in the mood to sculpt a symmetrical face (seriously, why sculpt two eyes when you can have one missing??)
Sculpted in Chavant's 'Le Beau Touche' for those that are interested, oil based clay that is becoming my favourite medium, its smooth and silky, and holds detail well. Life size head.
  Coming up next: Skin Textures!!

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