Monday, December 2, 2013

Pit Bot- Making Of: Part 4

Last year I posted several articles about the making of my Model-Making college project the 'Pit Bot'. I realized that i never followed up with the promised final Part 4, so a year later, here it is!
you can read the previous entries here..

So the Bot was pretty much complete, as you can see here..

There were several graphics i had that tied in with the other part of the project, Craig Kane's racing ship, the Gravicle. some were real companies like Pepakura designer, Quoo juice (a favourite of ours when we visited Singapore). there were companies then that i had either bought stuff from to make the pit bot and then a few big brands. I sent them all to a printer and they printed clear decals and also white backed decals.

After application I proceeded to paint wear and tear all over the bot- paint scratches, oil stains etc..
here are the final images, and also images of how the bot looked recently when it was a resident of Brown Bag Films studio. 

Thanks all, hope you enjoyed the whole 'Making of' Series!

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